Bethany LaMois (Coach Beth)

Bethany LaMois (Coach Beth)


How did I start my fitness journey?

I started my fitness journey because I wanted to get active again after having kids. I was feeling lost and in a slump. I was looking for something that would help me get motivated. I was a runner pre-kids but found it unfulfilling and a bit monotonous. I loved how varied functional fitness is.

What inspired me to become a coach?
After a year of PRs and learning new skills, my passion was bloomed. I knew that it was something that I wanted to be able to share with others. I wanted to help people realize what they are capable of, and what they can do with a little hard work and patience.
What is my favotie Benchmark or style of Workout?
Diane!!!! Give me gymnastics stuff any day.
Deadlits (225/155)
CF Level 1
CF Judges course.

(I’m looking into getting a weightlifting cert as soon as it’s safe)